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Soothe Your Back Problems with Physiotherapy in North Sydney

Embrace an extensive, whole body approach to physiotherapy with Mind Heart Body Centre, located in Artarmon, North Sydney. '

Mind Heart Body Centre practice the Integrated Systems Model: we treat the body as a whole, investigating your area of pain and other areas that are contributing to the problem. We take the physical nerves, muscles, fascia and viscera, as well as the emotional wellbeing of an individual into account during the initial assessment, and formulate an appropriate treatment pathway. Physiotherapy is suitable to people of various ages and circumstances and can result in lasting relief from pain and improved functional ability.

The initial assessment

The type of physiotherapy practiced at Mind Heart Body Centre incorporates the use of multiple assessment and treatment techniques, to ensure we are getting to the root of your problem. We offer postural assessments where we will analyse your habitual twists, shears or torsions, then decide how you may be able to correct your posture problems. We also offer dance assessments, sports biomechanical analysis assessments and continence assessments. Furthermore, our Real Time Ultrasound Assessments provides a thorough analysis for problems involving pain to the lower back, pelvis, hip or knee, by monitoring the effective use the core and deep stabilising muscles.

Our range of physiotherapy treatments

We ensure our physiotherapy can be tailored to each individual from the high level athlete to pregnant women, and to those post surgery. Specifically for our pregnant women our manual therapy is gentle but effective and our Pilates classes are designed to aid with discomfort, incontinence or aches and pains. Similarly, post-surgical rehabilitative physio is common and requires a specific treatment plan which will help you return to an active state more quickly and more safely.

We offer a series of treatments for sports physiotherapy in Artarmon and other suburbs North of Sydney CBD, to help you get back into the game. Acupuncture or sports taping in the form of rigid strapping, kinesio or dynamic taping, may also be used during the course of treatment as it can provide pain relief, stabilisation of joints, facilitate or inhibit muscle activity, improve lymphatic flow or increase joint proprioception.

What else can we offer?

In addition to our professional services for physiotherapy in North Sydney, Mind Heart Body Centre encourages you to practice Pilates and meditation, in the form of small guided classes. These classes will help to strengthen the body and mind. A range of complementary services are also available, including acupuncture, myofascial treatments, visceral manipulation, and rhythmic movement training.

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