Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions -

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Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions

Physiotherapy Exercise Sessions (PES on our timetable) are run by our qualified physiotherapists and are tailored for each person's individual needs to meet their goals. An initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists is necessary before commencing these sessions.

In the initial assessment we will:
  • take a history of past injuries, current problems, specific goals
  • perform a postural assessment
  • perform a biomechanical assessment
  • check your core muscles via a real-time ultrasound
  • go through exercises that will help you work towards your goal
There are a maximum of 3 clients in a class.

To help you meet your goals your physiotherapist may utilise Physiotherapy exercises, utilise our Pilates, Total Gym GTS Equipment, BOSU, freeFORM board, OOVs, therabands, free weights, foam rollers, powerbands, Magic Circles and many more. In each class you should expect your physiotherapist to take notes to ensure we are keeping track of your progress.