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Sponsors of Norths Basketball

Offers to NSBA's Members

Free Injury Clinic Assessments at Norths
When: Wednesday Evenings 6pm-8pm & Friday Evenings 5:30pm-7:30pm.

Do you have a little niggle that flares up during or after your games? Tried your heat/ice, maybe even stretching, or even *gasp*... rest... but nothing seems to help? Drop by Norths on either Monday or Wednesday between 6-8pm and get us to perform our quick and comprehensive basketball assessment to see what is contributing to your niggle, what exercises you should be practicing, which ones you should be avoiding and how we can work together to get you strong, fit, agile and pain-free.

If you can't make it to the Injury Clinic times at Norths, don't worry. We have you covered too. You can come in for a Gap Free 15min Bullet Proof Your Body Assessment in our studio to work out a plan of attack to tackle your injuries or concerns.

- Free 10 min massages at Injury Clinics for NSBA's Members and their family
- Free Strapping: Forgot your tape? Not sure how to strap your ankle or your knee? Pulled a muscle? Come on over and let us help you support your muscle or joint so you can get back to your game.

Further Offerings:
- 10% off all physiotherapy sessions to NSBA's Members and their immediate family members
- 50% off 60min Initial Pilates Assessments

Workshops Coming Soon (Dates yet to be announced): 
- Mobility Workshop: how to release your tight muscles with a spikey ball
- Mobility Workshop 2: how to stretch safely to get the best results in your game
- Core Workshop: Ever wondered if you core is working properly? Let us assess your core with our real-time ultrasound machine and provide you with exercises specific to your game.