Real Time Ultrasound Assessments (RTUS) -

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Real Time Ultrasound Assessments (RTUS)

The RTUS is a machine that sends sound waves through the body to create an image. The image that is created is what we use to assess your core muscles or deeper stability muscles. It is a useful tool to check if you are able to recruit your core muscles correctly instead of relying on your more superficial muscles.

This assessment is beneficial for:

  • Those experiencing low back, pelvic, hip or knee pain or instability
  • Post surgery eg: lumbar fusions, laminectomies, discectomies, hip operations, hysterectomies, prostatectomies
  • Urinary incontinence: you leak when cough or sneeze, run, when you are just getting the key in the door or are post natal.
  • Those who want to know if they are able to effectively recruit their core muscles eg : pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, multifidus.

After the assessment we can provide you with exercises specific to your needs.