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About Us

Core Beliefs/Approach

At Mind Heart Body Centre we believe in addressing the causative factors contributing to your problem and not just the area of pain. Our common goal is YOU - working together as a team within our clinic, as well as your other treating health professionals, to achieve the best possible outcomes for you. We aim to improve the well-being of your mind, heart and body so you are more connected and grounded and are better equipped to face the challenges in your day-to-day life. In need of treatments in physiotherapy, Pilates and meditation in Sydney? Look no further than Mind Heart Body Centre in Artarmon.

We understand that with pain and discomfort there are often other factors such as nutrition, mental, emotional and social stress that enter into the equation when treating you. Any of these factors will influence the others and often by addressing one, will have a positive flow on effect to decrease the effect of others. Ultimately we aim to help you balance your mind, heart and body to achieve optimum health and happiness.

Pei-Jiun Cheah (Senior Physiotherapist)

Pei-Jiun Cheah is an experienced physiotherapist, certified Pilates Instructor for Rehabilitation, and Polestar Pilates mentor who specialises her practice in movement and dance and the intricate play between flexibility and stability. Her physiotherapy working experience extends from assessing and treating post-operative clients both on land and in a hydrotherapy pool, pre and post natal clients, clients with sporting injuries, spinal issues, arthritic and osteoporotic conditions to full time ballet dancers. Her passion for treating the person as a whole comes from her own personal injury experiences. Whilst growing up, Pei-Jiun has always been very active, playing basketball, volleyball, dancing ballet. As a result she has had various injuries and understands the importance of treating not only the physical body, but also addressing mental and emotional states to achieve your highest performance goals. 

When Pei-Jiun is not attending courses or working, you will find her horse riding, stand up paddle boarding, indoor rock climbing, dancing salsa or ballet, playing the piano or meditating.

Mind Heart Body Centre now specialises in many areas of physiotherapy, Pilates and meditation in Sydney and are ready to help you feel and look your best.

Pei-Jiun's special interests:

  • Treating back or pelvic pain,
  • Rib, neck or hip dysfunction
  • Sporting and Dance injuries
  • Women's Health - pre and post natal, continence
  • Physio and rehabilitation after surgeries such as mastectomies, gastrointestinal, urological, renal surgeries 

Cathleen Sengmany (Physiotherapist)

Cathleen is a physiotherapist who graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney in 2014. She has undertaken a Polestar Pilates rehabilitation course in 2012. Throughout her degree, Cathleen has completed placements where she worked in a musculoskeletal setting treating clients with sporting, acute and chronic injuries and those who have undergone orthopaedic surgeries, at a spinal cord rehabilitation centre, working with paediatrics through to adults with spinal cord injuries, and in ICU/wards treating patients for mainly cardiorespiratory conditions. Cathleen’s main interest lies in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, looking at the whole body to find and treat injuries and working with paediatrics, assessing a child’s motor functions and incorporating fun but targeted activities to help improve their condition.

Outside of work Cathleen enjoys exploring Sydney’s eateries, playing tennis, swimming, horse riding, stand up paddle boarding, skiing, reading and playing the violin.

Cathleen’s special interests:

  • Treating shoulder and knee pain
  • Thoracic and lower back pain
  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Paediatric conditions such as developmental delays in gross/fine motor movements (4 months and older)

Dolly Young (Physiotherapist)

Dolly holds a Bachelor of Health Science degree in physiotherapy and a Bachelor of Science degree in physiology and psychology. Since graduation she has worked in private practice in Auckland and Sydney. Dolly's psychology background ensures a focus on both your body and mind. With a strong interest in sports injuries and spinal conditions Dolly used to take sports coverage at rugby ad netball competitions. 
Dolly believes that knowledge is power. She helps her patient understand their condition and make practical modifications to their activities. In her previous roles she regularly taught back care and manual handling at a BUPA facility. 

Dolly utilises manual therapy, Western acupuncture/Dry needling and exercise prescription including Clinical Pilates exercises to fast track your recovery. Dolly treats a vast array of conditions including pre and post operative care, acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory/chest clearance issues, falls prevention/balance retraining, posture correction/work station ergonomics, and biomechanical issues in sports such as running and golf. 

When not at work, Dolly spends her time with friends and family, going to the gym, exploring the food scene in Sydney, or planning on the next trip to an exciting destination.

Nicole Storm (Physiotherapist)

Nicole has recently moved from New Zealand where she graduated as a Physiotherapist to join the Mind Heart Body Centre. Despite living in New Zealand for many years, you will find she doesn't have a typical Kiwi accent. It is mixed with a little bit of a South African accent as she lived in Cape Town for 13 years. Whilst studying physiotherapy in New Zealand she was working as a massage therapist and a physiotherapist assistant, treating clients and taking many of them through group exercise programs.
As a physiotherapist Nicole enjoys working with people from all different kinds of backgrounds. She has always believed in assessing and analysing the body as a connective system with the mind and the spirit. This belief lead her to seek out a position at the Mind Heart Body Centre where she is surrounded by like minded professionals. 
In her free time she enjoys Paddle, Wake, Snow, and Long-Boarding as well as training for long distance running events. 

Cathleen Sengmany (Physiotherapist)

Natasha Lahood is a Physiotherapist who graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy from The University of Sydney, and a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from ACU. Whilst in her final year of physiotherapy she went on to study Rehabilitation Pilates with Polestar Pilates where she discovered first-hand the numerous benefits of Pilates for your body and mind.

Natasha also has a special interest in Dance, with over 15 
years' experience in Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz, she has continued her Postgraduate studies in Dance Medicine. Along with treating dance injuries, Natasha enjoys treating acute and chronic knee and ankle injuries as well as children and adolescent sporting injuries.
When Natasha isn't working, she spends her time outdoors usually at the beach or walking along the headlands and catching up with friends.

Renate Uzubalis  (Receptionist)

Although Ren grew up in Adelaide and has lived in Melbourne, she now calls Sydney home. She has represented her home state in both swimming and waterpolo, but now enjoys going to the gym for fitness. Ren’s past working life has included various corporate roles, but Ren now prefers a more relaxed work environment.  She has 2 Burmese cats (Lola and Raffa) and is learning to ride a motorbike (after only driving automatic cars) to challenge her brain and learn a new skill that also helps with finding a parking spot at beaches in summer.

Charlotte Twitchell (Receptionist)

Charlotte is a professional dancer/performer from the United States. She graduated Indiana University’s B.S. in Kinesiology program in 2015.  She works as a STOTT pilates instructor, dance instructor, and assistant director/performer with the company Twisted Element.

Along with her many different jobs, she enjoys drawing, painting, and sewing. She loves animals, enjoys spending time with friends and family, and seeing and supporting all art forms.